Preserving values and redefining the future of damage restoration – Oleter Group shares their vision in their first sustainability report.

Published On: maj 22, 2023

At Oleter Group we are very proud to present our first sustainability report, which serves as the foundation for our ongoing work in sustainability. By taking a stance against conventional methods that involve demolition, discarding and rebuilding, we strive to preserve as many values as possible and demonstrate to the industry that it is possible to create both economic and environmental benefits by embracing a more circular business model.

”We firmly believe that in a rapidly changing world, the future belongs to companies that dare to take action and adapt to sustainable patterns, while traditional business models gradually diminish in relevance. By leading the way, we hope to inspire the real estate and construction industry to prioritize sustainability and accelerate the transition toward a circular economy. Preserving values, reusing and restoring materials, and minimizing the occurrence of damages is the way forward if we want to secure a sustainable future for coming generations,” – Klas Elmberg, CEO, Oleter Group.

The sustainability report has been developed with reference to the well-known global framework GRI, which provides comprehensive and transparent reporting across various sustainability aspects. A consistent theme throughout the report is our strong commitment and dedication to fight climate change. In line with the Paris Agreement, we have established emission reduction targets and got them approved by the Science Based Targets initiative to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. By implementing sustainable practices and embracing innovative techniques, we strive to minimize our climate impact to the greatest extent possible.

With the aim of creating an interactive and engaging sustainability report, the information is presented digitally through a website, allowing readers to follow goals and progress in real-time. The report covers not only climate and environmental areas but also social aspects and good corporate governance, which are significant for our sustainability efforts. We hope that stakeholders and industry peers will explore the sustainability report and join us on our transformative journey toward a truly circular business model.

Our goal, through the sustainability report, is to inspire and encourage other stakeholders to embrace business models that emphasize social responsibility, effective governance, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we are paving the way toward a more sustainable and circular industry, shaping a better future for all. Press the link to access the full report.


Linus Berg, Head of Sustainability, Oleter Group,

Klas Elmberg, CEO, Oleter Group,