Our employees are our most valuable asset. We give our employees opportunities for growth and development in a positive work environment. Oleter Group fosters open communication, transparency, and collaboration, creating a culture of trust, respect, and accountability.

Health and work environment

We save values and take care of our people. All employees are offered a safe and secure working day where we strive to have zero accidents. Safety thinking characterize our work from idea to implementation and delivery. During the autumn, we organize Safety Week with the aim of highlighting the importance of a good safety culture. Through digitization, we develop work tools for risk assessment and event reporting. Giving us the possibility to measure and follow up common risks at work and remedy them.

We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination, offensive differential treatment in our workplaces. To get a measure of how safe our workplaces are, we measure occupational injury frequency, sickness absence and well-being at our workplaces.

Diversity and equal treatment

Our operation is based on a fundamental view of the equal value of all people and that all employees should have the same opportunities, rights and obligations regardless of background. Among other things, we apply a de-identified application process during recruitment so that everyone gets the same chance regardless of background.

The PDR industry is a male-dominated industry. At Oleter we see value in differences and are convinced that diversity in workplaces contributes to well-being and profitability. We therefore pursue long-term work to increase equality and diversity in all groups and at all levels in the company. To achieve this, we carry out a number of different training initiatives together with municipalities and training providers to attract individuals with different backgrounds and skills to our operations.

Attractive employer

We have a vision of being an attractive employer that gives our employees the opportunity to grow and develop. We believe in strong and committed leadership that promotes education and skills development. We offer our employees stimulating and varied tasks in an industry that contributes to a better society. We have a career model that gives our employees the chance to advance and are proud to have many successful employees who have started their careers with us.

We are proud of our Academy, which gives our employees the opportunity to grow and develop in their roles. The Academy offers a range of different training courses, from our own leadership academy to specialized courses for our sanitation technicians and moisture technicians. We want our employees to have a clear picture of their competence goals and development plans, and we encourage the exchange of experience between colleagues. We also work closely with municipalities, coaches and the universities to create attractive vocational training for future sanitation technicians and moisture technicians.

With us, employees are everyday heroes and are our most important resource in delivery to the customer. We must therefore have good leaders who develop employees and create good well-being in the workplace. We create the conditions for our leaders to succeed in their work by offering them six months of leadership training and coaching. To find out how we succeed in our work in relation to our employees, we carry out regular surveys. In this way, we find out if we are doing the right things and in which areas we can improve.

Meet some of our great people

“At Ocab you get the chance to develop together with experienced employees and experience that the work we do is valuable and makes a difference”

– Hanna, Department Manager

“The best thing about my job as a Moisture Technician is that I get a lot of social contact, meet many different people and professional craftsmen”

Andreas, Moisture Technician

“At Ocab, you learn to take responsibility and make decisions. We in the field are responsible for the damage on site. You become a little tougher than you are when you start”

– Majken, Sanitization technicians

“I think it’s super fun and developing to work at Ocab. I have had the same feeling in the 14 years that I have worked here”

– Fredrik, Site Manager