By fostering a culture of innovation and continuously seeking new ways to add value, we thrive in the dynamic and competitive PDR industry. Innovation in Oleter Group serves as a catalyst for creating value for customers, employees and society.

Remote dehumidification

Remotely guided dehumidification is an innovative and effective solution for managing excess moisture and preventing mold growth in homes and businesses. With advanced sensor technology, skilled professionals remotely monitor and control the dehumidification process using state-of-the-art equipment and software. Fast, effective, and eco-friendly solution for managing moisture and preventing mold growth.

Climate smart city service

Contributing to reduced pollution in urban environments through quick and climate-smart service for our inner-city customers with electric bicycles and electric cars combined with optimization of site travel.

Climate calculation

We constantly strive to reduce emissions from our operations and therefore measure and follow up emissions per project. Our climate calculations and graphs not only highlight the environmental impact but also the cost impact, allowing us to compare and optimize both parameters. Additionally, we have identified environmental and cost savings associated with remediation and dehumidification, as opposed to demolition, disposal, and restoration with new materials.

Climate calculation is also a valuable tool for customers who want to gain a better understanding of their environmental impact and identify opportunities for improvement. By conducting a thorough climate calculation, customers can increase their awareness, achieve cost savings, improve their reputation, ensure compliance, and become better environmental stewards.

High pressure dehumidification

High pressure dehumidification is a cutting-edge and powerful solution that can effectively manage excess moisture and minimize the need of demolition after water damaged. With its specialized equipment and advanced technology, high pressure dehumidification can remove moisture in high-humidity environments, even in areas affected by water damage. A fast and effective solution for moisture control.

3d room scanning & inspection

3D room scanning is an innovative and highly accurate technique for capturing the dimensions, shape, and layout of indoor spaces using specialized equipment and software to serves as basis for insurance assessments, and building inspections, providing an efficient and comprehensive way to document and assess the condition of a property.